WELCOME TO BOY SCOUT TROOP 97 -- DARIEN, IL ---- "On My Honor, I Will Do My Best..."

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NEW! - Campout at Blackwell F.P.

Troop 97 is planning a campout at Blackwell Forest Preserve 4/25-27.

We will meet at Mark Delay school at 6 pm on Friday the 25th for a 6:30 pm departure, and return on Sunday the 27th. Transportation will be by private automobile. Parents are welcome to join us for any or all of the outing.

Cost per Scout will be $20.00.

Permission slip and money are due 4/14.

- 2013 Summer Camp Photos

Click Here to view photo gallery from Summer Camp 2013.

- 2014 BSA Medical Form Now Available

BSA publishes a new Annual Health and Medical Record form for use starting Jan 1, 2014.

The new form can be found on the Resource Library page.

- Troop Planning Documents

PLC and Troop Meeting planning docs posted.

As we develop formal PLC meeting dates and times, it will be helpful for everyone to use the Troop's PLC Agenda and Troop Meeting Planning documents.

Both available as Word docs, these are the forms we will be using to plan our Troop meeting this year.

They are available for download here, and will also be posted permanently on the Resource Library tab.

PLC Agenda Planner

Troop Meeting Plan Template

- 2011 BSA Guide to Advancement Requirements

The BSA has recently published the 2011 edition of "Guide to Advancement" a comprehensive booklet that is the official source for administering advancement in all BSA Scouting programs. A copy of the booklet in PDF form has been posted on the "Resource Library" tab. 

 - 2012 Eagle Scout Advancement Program Resources

Starting on January 1, 2012, two major changes are occurring to the Eagle Scout advancement procedures in Des Plaines Valley Council:

1. Elimination of the DPVC Eagle Mentor program

2. Launch of a brand new Eagle Scout Service Project Wookbook

The major change in the new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook is that, instead of requiring that a Project Plan be approved before the Scout begins work on the project, a Eagle Scout Project Proposal (Pages 7-10 in new workbook) is now required and will be approved by the Scoutmaster, Troop Committee, Project Beneficiary, and District or Council Representative.

Please contact your Eagle Coach or Mr. Dawes to help you better understand how this program will be different from the current set up.

The new Eagle Scout Service Project Wookbook can be found in fillable-PDF format on the "Resource Library" tab.

- 2012 Summer Camp Photos

Click Here to view photo gallery from Summer Camp 2012.